NVIDIA Announces RTX A2000 Workstation Card

Today NVIDIA has announced their new RTX A2000. It has a compact design which allows it in a wide range of standard and small-form-factor workstations increasing RTX’s accessibility. Despite, its small size the card offers exceptional performance with its powerful real-time ray tracing and AI acceleration capabilities. The card is energy efficient too.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 Desktop 1

RTX A2000 is perfect for complicated professional tasks like designing airplanes and automobiles, creating visual effects in movies, etc. It will be really useful for designers working from home.

The GPU features 6GB of memory with error correction code (ECC), which will be beneficial for the healthcare and financial services fields.

The NVIDIA RTX A2000 desktop GPU will be available in October and it will be offered by ASUS, BOXX Technologies, Dell Technologies, HP, and Lenovo.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 Desktop 2

Second-Generation RT Cores: Real-time ray tracing for all professional workflows. Up to 5x the rendering performance from the previous generation with RTX on.

•Third-Generation Tensor Cores: Available in the GPU architecture to enable AI-augmented tools and applications.

•CUDA Cores: Up to 2x the FP32 throughput of the previous generation for significant increases in graphics and compute workloads.

•Up to 6GB of GPU Memory: Supports ECC memory, the first time that NVIDIA has enabled ECC memory in its 2000 series GPUs, for error-free computing.

•PCIe Gen 4: Double the throughput with more than 40 percent bandwidth improvement from the previous generation for accelerating data paths in and out of the GPU.