NVIDIA Ada AD102-107, Blackwell GB100/102 And Hopper GH100/202 GPUs Spotted 

A rumor circulated that NVIDIA’s future data-center GPU architecture is called Blackwell. After that, we obtained some more pictures from Videocardz which mentioned those and other unreleased NVIDIA GPUs.


Ada, Hopper, and Blackwell GPU architecture were mentioned in the pictures. The purpose of each architecture has not been mentioned directly, but the GPU names seem to confirm that Ada is a gaming architecture, however, Hopper and Blackwell are for accelerated computing.

Ada Hopper Blackwell

One picture shows that NVIDIA will be rolling out a successor to each of the Ampere GPU, including AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106, AD107, and AD10B (not 108). We are not sure about the configurations of those GPUs yet.

NVIDIA Hopper architecture is expected to feature 2 GPUs, namely GH100 and GH202. Rumors about the latter SKU actually arose around May 2021. Leaker “Kopite7kimi” proposed that it is going to be a gaming GPU, but it can not be verified through these pictures. Moreover, 2 Blackwell GPUs have been listed i.e GB100 and GB102.


All the information presented above is tagged as a rumor and we have not independently verified the source of those pictures.

Via Videocardz