BIOSTAR Announces The iMINER A588X8D2 Pre-Built Mining System With AMD Radeon RX 580 Graphics Cards

Biostar has decided to come up with the idea to sell the Radeon gaming cards as mining equipment. Biostar is on good terms with miners from the start. The company announces new mining motherboards regularly and is very vocal about it. The company deems it to be a good idea to send press releases covering those launches. This is especially upsetting when graphics cards are still hard to find at a ‘normal’ cost. So this initiative of Biostar who got AMD Radeon GPUs now publicly advertising its new prebuilt mining system with eight graphics cards is very strange.

Biostar Garbage 2

The iMiner A588X8D2 system supports most major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, ETC, RVN, ERG, Etc, further opening up a viable path for even inexperienced users to start a crypto mining operation without all the hassles of sorting out and assembling the hardware.”

Biostar Garbage 1

These cards are not even pure mining cards but actual gaming models, in this case, Radeon RX 580. Mining models are mostly equipped with sub-par cooling solutions, limited warranty, and lack of display outputs.

Why AMD is allowing its board partners to actively participate in benefiting from crypto mining is not understandable.