AMD Catalyst 13.35 Beta Driver with Mantle API Leaked

It looks like AMD’s Catalyst 13.35 beta driver has been leaked by Toshiba. This is the first Catalyst driver to include AMD’s Mantle API and TrueAudio. Toshiba actually has listed the driver package on their support site. AMD’s Radeon R2xx series of graphics cards and their new Kaveri APUs will make the most of this driver.


Some of the main features of the Catalyst 13.35 Beta driver include:

– Performance improvement in Battlefield 4 – Thanks To AMD Mantle.
– Frame pacing enhancements – Dual graphics support
– AMD TrueAudio support
– Support for Ubuntu 12.1, openSUSE 13.1 And RHEL 6.5.

This driver really aims to fix the frame pacing issues that were very apparent in AMD’s 7000 series cards. While newer drivers have improved the issue it has not been fully fixed. On top of that this driver may also help with frame pacing if you are to use and AMD Kaveri APU with a dedicated graphics card.


The thing most gamers are looking forward to is the Mantle API, which will specifically improve Battlefield 4 gameplay. If what AMD says is true then gamers using AMD cards will see up to a 45% performance increase using the Mantle API.

AMD’s TrueAudio technology will improve your listening and gaming experience by Properly enabled games and content will deliver unprecedented levels of acoustic fidelity and immersion.

Now the issue with this driver is that it is made for notebooks, specifically Toshiba Notebooks with AMD GPUs, not if you know what you are doing you can modify the INF file so the driver will work on your system. Here are the download links:

Link 1
Link 2

As always we remind you that this is a Beta driver so install at your own risk.

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