AMD “Core Is Back” Teaser Video Hints at New CPU Announcement

AMD has recently posted a “Core is Back” teaser video over at their Facebook page, which hints to the fact that they may have a CPU announcement coming very soon. The teaser and video come directly from AMD’s official Facebook and YouTube pages so we are very interested to see what all this is about.


The above photo was posted on AMD’s official Facebook page with the following statement, “The war continues to rage and battles may be lost but heroes will evolve. #AMDEvolved”.

Then on AMD’s official YouTube page they have posted the above CGI video. The about section of the video says, “As you browse the web, play games, watch videos, and get work done — your PC is being tested. Applications fight for resources in order to be responsive and complete tasks. Processors battle these applications to control resources and maintain balance. Re-live the epic battle within your PC and watch hardware rise to the challenge as applications become more robust.”

We can only guess that this is the start of a viral marketing campaign for a new product. At first glace I thought this could be for a new CPU, such as a new FX processor, but the logo at the very end has the AMD A-Series logo on it which is meant for AMD’s APUs. This could mean that AMD would be releasing an updated Kaveri APU to bridge the gap until Carrizo launches next year. Time will only tell.

Source: AMD | News Archive

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