AMD Could Launch 3000 Series CPUs, APUs, and A Radeon GPU at CES

It has been rumored that AMD will launch 3 classes of products at their CES 2019 keynote. These will be the Ryzen 3000 series CPUs (low power), Ryzen 3000 series APUs, and a consumer Radeon graphics card. This card is likely to be the Radeon Vega II. AMD’s Lisa Su will also be talking in depth about AMD’s 7nm progress.

So to start out we have Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, don’t get too excited this are the low power Ryzen 3000U series. The U stands for Ultra Low Voltage and will be used in netbooks and laptops with battery life in mind. You won’t see these in gaming laptops. Past rumors say that the 3000U series will be based on 12nm process (rather than 7nm), so it makes sense for these to be announced / launched at CES in January. The 7nm 3000 series desktop CPUs (non-low power) are expected later in the year.

The 3000 series APUs will have integrated Vega graphics and will compete with Intel/NVIDIA in the mobility segment.

The most exciting thing could be that AMD would be launching a Radeon consumer graphics card. It is believed that this will be the Radeon Vega II, the 7nm variant of the Vega 20 GPU. According to WCCFTech this card will be available in 1H 2019 after the CES launch.

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