GeForce RTX Mobility Series Leaked By Taiwanese OEM

Taiwanese OEM CJSCOPE has just released a teaser for their upcoming HX 970 GX laptop, which features and Intel 9th generation processor and a NVIDIA RX 2080 graphics card in the MXM form factor. Looking at the specifications listed the Mobility version of the RX 2080 will feature the same 2944 CUDA cores, but a higher core clock of 1847 MHz (likely better binning on the mobile versions of these chips)

rxt mobility 2

Other graphics options for the laptop include the Mobility 2070 and 2060. The Mobility RX 2070 also has the same number of CUDA cores as the desktop version (2304), but has slightly increased boost clock to 1710 MHz. The Mobility RX 2060 on the other hand reduces the amount of CUDA cores from the rumored 1920 in the (unreleased) desktop version to 1536 (a 20% reduction).

The marketing materials also show a graph of 3DMark 11 GPU performance and state that the RTX 2060 should be available on January 15th.

rxt mobility 3

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