AMD Crystal Series Next-Generation Mobility GPU Lineup Revealed

AMD has confirmed that they will reveal a new series of discreet mobile GPUs known as the AMD Crystal series.  We all know for a fact that earlier launched Solar Series lineup which was also known as the Sea Islands platform was simply a rebrand of the older HD 7000M chips which had faster clock speeds and now have a new code name i.e., Neptune, Sun, Venus etc.


On the other hand the AMD crystals won’t be a rebrand but in fact would feature graphics architecture that is going to be a part of the desktop discreet line-up codenamed “Volcanic Islands”. This architecture would actually improve the performance comparing to where it stands at the moment with Solar System Lineup.

As far as branding is concerned the desktop family would be most probably be branded as Radeon HD 9000 series so it’s just right to believe that the distinct mobility series would be called the Radeon 9000M series since Radeon 8000M name has been already taken by the previously released Solar Series.

It seems that we would see the launch of these chips earlier than the desktop lineup. The expected date mentioned by the company is 25/07/13. We would be getting more information soon so keep browsing by. Let’s see how AMD crystal series gets in competition with the NVIDIA Kepler based GeForce 700M line up.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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