AMD Dual Fiji XT Graphics Card Spotted In Shipping Manifest

It looks like we are getting closer to the AMD Fury X2 launch! A product named “Fiji Gemini” has shipped from AMD headquarters in Canada. Of course Gemini is the astrological sign with twin imagery and a deep history with dual-GPU Radeon graphics cards.

AMD Radeon Fury X2

Gemini has been the codename used for previous AMD dual GPU graphics cards. Below you can see the shipping manifest, which shows a “FIJIGEMINI” and it looks like AMD will still be using a Cooler Master cooling solution.


With this we could see a dual Fiji XT card sooner than we might have expected. Keep in mind a single R9 Fury XT boasts an impressive performance of 8.6 TFLOPs, so you a dual-GPU card would theoretically boast 17.2 TFlops! This means that it could be the worst most powerful graphics card ever!

With both AMD and NVIDIA getting closer to launching their dual-GPU solution it is going to be an interesting month, stay tuned!

Image courtesy of Legit Reviews

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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