AMD “Ellesmere” and “Baffin” GPU Specs Revealed

AMD has finally revealed the official specifications for its Polaris 10 “Ellesmere” and Polaris 11 “Baffin” GPUs. The information was contained in the company’s post-E3 press deck. These two chips will power at least three discrete graphics cards between them. These would be the Radeon RX 480, Radeon RX 470, and Radeon RX 460.

From the looks of it the Radeon RX 480 and Radeon RX 470 will be based off the “Ellesmere” silicon. This chip features 2304 stream processors, which are spread across 36 compute units (CUs), with a 256-bit wide GDDR5 interface.

“Baffin” on the other hand will have 1024 stream processors spread across 16 CUs, and a 128-bit GDDR5 interface, which is likely to have a bandwidth of 128 GB/s.

Both GPUs are based on the 4th generation GCN architecture, and offer 2.8x performance per watt over the previous generation.

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