AMD EPYC “Genoa” To Feature 96 Zen4 Cores While “Bergamo” Will Have 128 Zen4c cores

AMD has teased EPYC “Genoa” with 96 Zen4 cores and “Bergamo” with 128 Zen4c cores and confirmed its Zen4 EPYC CPUs.

AMD revealed its plans for next-gen Zen4 microarchitecture during the Accelerated Data Center conference.

AMD Genoa4

The American Multinational company will be launching 2 high-performance processors based on Zen4 architecture. The EPYC series or ‘Genoa’ will have around 96 cores. It will support the latest DDR5 memory technology standard along with PCI-Express 5.0. Reportedly, this is going to be AMD’s first platform with CXL interface support. The company has not specified the exact time of the year but according to AMD’s estimates, Genoa CPUs are expected to be launched in 2022.

“Genoa” is expected to be the world’s highest performance processor for general purpose computing. It will have up to 96 high-performance “Zen 4” cores produced on optimized 5nm technology, and will support the next generation of memory and I/O technologies with DDR5 and PCIe® 5. “Genoa” will also include support for CXL, enabling significant memory expansion capabilities for data center applications. “Genoa” is on track for production and launch in 2022.

AMD also confirmed EPYC Bergamo. It will feature a new cloud-optimized Zen4c microarchitecture, although the rumors suggested Zen4d (dense) microarchitecture. AMD has also confirmed that Bergamo will have up to 128 cores which makes it the highest core count from any of the 86 processors released so far.

AMD Bergamo
Bergamo” is a high-core count CPU, tailor made for cloud native applications, featuring 128 high performance “Zen 4c” cores. AMD optimized the new “Zen 4c” core for cloud-native computing, tuning the core design for density and increased power efficiency to enable higher core count processors with breakthrough performance per-socket. “Bergamo” comes with all the same software and security features and is socket compatible with “Genoa.” “Bergamo” is on track to ship in the first half of 2023.

A new roadmap was announced by AMD, which revealed that Zen4 products will be based on 5nm process technology. The roadmap shows that Bergamo will be launched in 2022.