AMD EPYC “Zen4” Genoa CPU Benchmark Shows It Is 17% Faster Than “Zen3” Milan

Two EPYC processors are seen featured with the Suma 65GA24 motherboard. The processors come with a total of 192 cores and 384 threads. The leak doesn’t mention which of the EPYC CPUs is being tested here, however, the code of the CPU is listed as 100-000000997-01. The code can be used to identify the exact model.

AMD EPYC 7763 Milan CPU Geekbench 5 Score 128 Cores 256 Threads

With this leak, it has become clear that EPYC Genoa based on Zen4 is AMD’s architecture features 96 cores. During testing, both the CPUs reached clock speeds of 3.51 GHz. The system made use of DDR5 memory of 755.5 GB, and this helped the Genoa system to get a small boost in one of the leaked Geekbench V5 CPU tests on Linux.

This system can easily be compared to EPYC’s Milan which is based on the Zen3 architecture, because a similar dual-socket platform was used. Wccftech claims that it has found the model which features the flagship EPYC 7763 SKU and comes with a total of 128 cores and a similar clock speed of 3.53 GHz. In this particular case, however, the Genoa turned out 17% faster in the single-core test and 28% faster in multi-core.

AMD EPYC 9000 Genoa CPU Geekbench 5 Score 192 Cores 384 Threads

If we are to believe the past leaks, then these certainly are the test results for EPYC 9664. It is the SKU featuring 96 cores and a 400W TDP.

Via Wccftech