AMD Is Already Working On 2nm Zen6 Microarchitecture Codenamed “Morpheus”

An AMD engineer has recently given names to the upcoming Zen core designs. However, the information was removed from the web and was originally found in a snippet from the LinkedIn profile of one of the AMD engineers who is working on the Zen architecture. The engineer also disclosed the names of the microarchitecture for Zen5 and Zen6 cores, as well as the process nodes they are expected to be targeted for.

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The main focus of this individual’s work was on power management projects for the Zen4, Zen5, and Zen6 architectures. The Zen4 architecture, code-named “Persephone,” has already been released in the data center and consumer markets. However, it may still be some time before we see products based on the Zen5 core, code-named “Nirvana.” Furthermore, it is expected to take even longer for AMD to launch processors based on the Zen6 architecture, code-named “Morpheus.”

According to leaked information, it seems that the Zen5 core will be manufactured using a 2nm process node. Work on the power management project for the Zen6 core started in January of this year, but it appears that it has not yet been completed.

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Although AMD has recently shared its Zen roadmap, there are no official plans yet for Zen6. However, it is expected that Zen5, which is roughly a year away, will have at least three variants: Zen5, Zen5X3D, and Zen5c. There have been rumors about the next-gen “Strix Point” APU featuring a hybrid design with Zen5/Zen4c, which could potentially pair Zen5c with Zen6 for future APU designs in the next two years.