AMD Is Giving Away Free Copy Of Starfield With Ryzen CPUs & Radeon GPUs

AMD has made an official announcement about their latest Starfield game bundle, which can be used with various Ryzen 7000 CPUs and Radeon 7000/6000 GPUs. The official website of AMD has now included the Starfield bundle, which is currently up for grabs. This bundled game can be obtained with specific Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs and Radeon RX 7000/6000 GPUs.

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AMD will be providing two distinct versions of Starfield along with their CPUs and GPUs, which adds an interesting aspect. The higher-end hardware will come with the Starfield Premium Edition, valued at $99.99 US on Steam, while the standard edition of the game, valued at $69.99 US on Steam, will be bundled with mainstream hardware. Please note that the game’s pricing may vary based on the region.

Users utilizing AMD Ryzen 7000/Ryzen 5000 CPUs and Radeon 7000/Radeon 6000 GPUs have the opportunity to receive a complimentary copy of the Starfield Premium Edition on PC. Bethesda, for those who might have missed the previous announcements, has chosen AMD as the exclusive PC partner for Starfield. The game is set to support FSR 2 upon release and will include targeted multi-threaded optimizations for AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The exclusivity announcement has sparked some criticism, as Bethesda has only mentioned support for AMD’s FSR 2 upscaling technology thus far. There has been no mention of NVIDIA DLSS or Intel XeSS support. This aligns with the trend observed in most AMD-sponsored and bundled AAA titles, where competitive upscaling solutions are not featured. Regarding the PC requirements, Starfield will no longer support HDDs and instead necessitates an SSD for optimal gameplay. Additionally, a powerful graphics card will be necessary to play the game smoothly.

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Starfield is set to be released on September 6th, 2023, and will be available on the Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Game Pass. As the launch date approaches, we can anticipate receiving additional details about the PC-specific technologies implemented in the game. The bundle will be offered through leading retailers worldwide, and you will have the opportunity to redeem it from AMD’s official promo page.

AMD/Starfield bundle redemption process

  1. Purchase an eligible AMD Ryzen™processor to receive an AMD RYZEN TOKEN CODE from participating retailer or e-tailer.
    Purchase an eligible AMD Radeon™graphics card to receive an AMD RADEON TOKEN CODE from participating retailer or e-tailer.
    Purchase an eligible AMD-powered system to receive an AMD A+A TOKEN CODE from participating retailer or e-tailer.
  2. Make sure the eligible product is installed into the computer from which the redemption is being made.
  3. Login or set up your profile.
  4. Enter the AMD Token Code(s). Token Code is required to verify the installation of the qualifying product with the Product Verification Tool (PVT). The PVT will prompt you to download a file onto your computer. Accepting all terms of the PVT will allow it to run and verify the product.
  5. Select the Game(s) you wish to redeem by adding to your cart and confirming your selections.
  6. Activate your Game(s) by following the onscreen instructions. You may need to click on the Activation link. You may be prompted to enter your Steam game platform account information to complete checkout. You may need to sign up for an account.