AMD Mantle Battlefield 4 Patch Delayed

Seems like AMD still doesn’t want to disclose the exact desired launch date of their new Mantle technology. A statement has been issued by the company recently and it states that the release of this Mantle Technology has been pushed into January and nothing can be said about the launch date as yet. At APU13, a public demo by Oxide was given by AMD and this at least gets us thinking that the API is fully prepared and functional and just ready to launch.

AMD Mantle

The decision to delay the Mantle patch for Battlefield 4 was arrived at after much consideration. DICE on the public introduction of Mantle has received continuous support from AMD and the release of the Battlefield 4 has already been stirring a lot of excitement. This was stated by a public representative of AMD who also confirmed that a January release is what AMD is looking forward to now. This is going to be the first AMD Mantle game patch and it is going to be for Battlefield 4 and we might just might consider this as a possibility that EA games halted the BF4 development to improve the game and remove bugs for this very reason.

Source: Guru3D | News Archive