AMD Navi 31 GPU Will Feature 384-bit Memory bus And 24GB GDDR6 Memory

Last week we received an update from regarding the Navi 3X spec and soon afterward, Greymon55 responded with its own update claiming that the information provided on the RDNA3 GPU memory is not correct. From what the current scenario is, it appears that the Navi 31 is going to feature a 384-bit bus as opposed to previously being claimed at 256-bit. On the other hand, the Navi 32 will feature a 256-bit bus instead of a 192-bit bus.

This is quite a major improvement for the AMD series as far as the bandwidth boost is concerned.

It is very likely that these cards are going to feature a minimum of 18 Gbps in DDR6 memory and if this fact is confirmed, that means the Navi 31 is going to clock at 864 GB per second and this is without the Infinity Cache. The Navi 32 on the other hand boasts 576 GB per second and the Navi 33, featuring a 128-bit bus, will boost 288 GB per second.

As per the previous rumors, the Navi 31 was to feature a 256-bit memory bus and a memory capacity of 32 GB. Now with the confirmation of the 384-bit bus, it can reduce the memory modules which in turn will generate a cheaper product and will not overheat.
There are some other specs that have been revealed too; the RDNA3 GPU is going to come with 1 Graphics Compute Die and 6 Memory Compute Dies.

Via VideoCardz