AMD Navi 31 GPU Will Feature up to 10240 cores

For a couple of days, rumors concerning the Navi 31 GPU have been making rounds on the Internet; in fact, there have been rumors about the Navi 41 GPU too. The Navi 31 might be AMD’s first MCM (multi-chip module) design. It is expected that NVIDIA will take the same approach for its Hopper series, but it is still unclear if the architecture is meant for gaming or computing workloads. However, AMD has made it clear that RDNA 3  is targeted towards the gaming segment.

20210125 164302

The successor of the renamed Radeon, MI100, will compete with NVIDIA’s Gx100 chips. There are higher chances that CDNA might opt for the same approach multi-chipset design in the future as synchronizing simple computing workload is easier across multiple dies instead of complex graphics.

AMD Navi 31 was already spotted in the OS leak, but there is no information for the architecture yet. In November, AMD’s EVP Rick Bergman discussed the RDNA 3, but gave out information on one topic only, power efficiency.

20210125 164304 has retweeted a rumor that went out on 1st Jan 2021. Twitter user, @Kepler_L2, gave out information on the leak, stating that the rumored Navi 31 might feature a dual chiplet design with 80 Compute Units, each offering up to 160 CUs.

The Twitter user @Underfox3 has discovered an AMD’s patent. The patent indicated that AMD is working on a technology that will synchronize workload between MCM based GPUs along with a new command processor that is orchestrating ray tracing pipeline for next-gen GPUs

AMD has not confirmed the announcement date for RDNA 3, but considering the progress, AMD may give us some information later this year. The expected announcement date is 2022.

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