AMD investigates power under-reporting for higher Turbo clock which reduced Ryzen CPU lifespan

AMD responds to the claims of over-the-top power draw, causing the  Ryzen CPU to have a reduced lifespan. The report made by The Stilt using HWInfo’s new function called ‘Power Reporting Deviation’. But the company did give some information about this finding.

The story so far…

Earlier, I made a post about HWInfo’s new feature which reported a deviation in power reporting. It indicated the X570 motherboards were reporting lesser power draw information to the processor. The CPU was tricked and achieved higher turbo boost clock speeds at a higher voltage than it normally should. However, since this practice forced more power draw than necessary, the CPU generated more heat. Because of this overvoltage and overheating, it reduces the Ryzen CPU Lifespan. AMD gave Toms’ Hardware its official response.

AMD’s response

“We want to be clear with our customers: AMD Ryzen processors contain a diverse array of internal safeguards that operate independently of external data sources. These safeguards enforce the safety and reliability of the processor during stock operation. Based on our initial assessment, we do not believe that altering external telemetry in the manner described by those public reports would have a material impact on the longevity or safety of a user’s processor.”

Interestingly, AMD is not dismissing the possibility of reduced lifespan as a result. But as said in the previous article, it is not possible for an end-user to quantify the actual lifespan of the Ryzen CPU under this situation. This will require AMD’s team to investigate in this matter and see if this will actually lead to degradation. Which CPUs eventually do get obsolete, it would need to be accessed if the lifespan is shortened well under its warranty period.

Is it the motherboard manufacturers fault?

The statement implies any knowledge from AMD about such practice. So time will tell if this is intentionally done by the motherboard manufacturers. Once the findings are out, we should know if its a significant shortening of the Ryzen CPUs’ lifespan and who is doing it.

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