AMD-powered Tesla Model S In-Dash Game Console Shown Off

The latest Model S from Tesla comes with a very impressive infotainment system with some serious gaming capabilities. Tesla among other EV makers have made the performance of their infotainment a priority as they look to give car owners something to do while they are sitting in a charging station waiting for their car to charge up.

The infotainment system that is being used in the new Model S is a proper x86 PC that is powered by an AMD Ryzen processor and custom AMD Radeon graphics. The GPU will be powered by the new “Navi 23” silicon, making use of RDNA2 technology. Elon Musk has claimed that the system offers performance rivaling that of a PlayStation 5, which also uses an AMD RDNA2-based graphics processor.

tesla infotainment 2

The main touchscreen of the unit will pivot into landscape mode for gaming and other entertainment. Images of Tesla-branded game controllers have showed up on Reddit. Using a controller like this makes sense as the fixed location of the screen would be sub-optimal for touchscreen games. It is unclear if the controllers will come with the car or not. This new infotainment system is part of the $130,000 Plaid variant on the Model S.

tesla infotainment 1

Via Reddit (Paul Spivak)

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