AMD Radeon Fury X Pictured Again

With the launch of AMD’s Fury X graphics card being less than a week away more leaked photos of the card have hit the web! These new shots reveal more details about the card and give us our first look at the backplate as well!

AMD Radeon Fury X

This first image while it looks like a render is actually a real photo of the card plugged in and powered on. Here we can see that the Radeon logo indeed does light up and looks pretty slick.


Here is the same shot with the flash on. Slightly above the Radeon logo is a dual BIOS switch. The card is a dual-slot card, but will occupy slightly less than two PCI-Express slots.

AMD Radeon Fury X

Here is our first look at the back of the card, it does have a backplate, but a rather boring one. It is all plain and we can only assume the blurred out part has the serial number on it. This shot also shows us that the card has a black PCB, which looks quite good.

AMD Radeon Fury X

Our last photo is a full shot of the card connected to the Radiator. Interesting you can see that the fan is grey, the rumor is that AMD decided to make each batch different so they can keep track of who leaked the shots.

AMD’s Radeon Fury X is expected to launch June 16th.

Source: WCCFTech, Chiphell | News Archive

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