More AMD Radeon Fury Rumors

Being that AMD’s high-end Fury X card is expected to launch next week, the rumor mill has been going crazy. Here are some of the more interesting rumors that we’ve heard over the past week or so!

AMD Radeon Fury X

AMD Fury X To Launch on June 18th, reviews the 24th

We have all expected AMD to launch their Fury X card at the PC Gaming Show on June 16th, but it turns out this might not be true. The card just might be teased or we will be given a quick glimpse of the card. Two days later on the 18th the card would actually be launched and we would be given all of the information on the card itself. On top of that reviews of the card will come out no sooner than June 24th.

Source: Fudzilla

Fury X will be water-cooled only, Fury Pro Delayed

We had thought there would be two version of the Fury X graphics card, but this in fact might not be true. Fury X, which will be the highest performance Fury card will only come in water-cooled version, there will be no air-cooled version at all. The Fury Pro on the other hand will be air-cooled, but it will not offer as much performance as Fury X. AMD has given the go-ahead for board partners to make their own custom versions of this card, but it looks like you are going to have to wait as there has not been a release date mentioned for this card.

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There will only be 30K Fury X Units this year

According to industry sources AMD may have as few as 30,000 units of the Fury X graphics card available this year. That sure is not a lot for world-wide distribution, especially considering that the entire 300 series are all rebrands.

Source: TweakTown

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