Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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AMD Radeon Fury OpenCL Bechmarks Leaked

Someone with access to a Radeon Fury card put it through the CompuBench suite and submitted its score to the suites online score database. The card is being run on pre-launch drivers and is simply being read as "AMD Radeon Graphics Processor" by the suite, but if you look at the info tab it does say "Fiji", and more importantly it shows the card has 64 Compute Units.

MSI Radeon Fury
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MSI’s Radeon Fury Card Pictured

The first photos of MSI's upcoming flagship Radeon Fury card have been leaked to the web. Interestingly they show a little bit of a different design than the previous renders of the card we've seen before. The edges of the card are actually rounder in this render and I have to say it does make the card look better.

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