AMD’s Fiji XT Flagship Will Be Called Radeon Fury

Over the past few weeks we have been unsure if AMD’s new Radeon flagship card will be called the R9 390X, or something different completely. According to the latest report by Expreview, the Radeon flagship will be called the Radeon Fury.

AMD R9 390X

So where does the Fury name come from? Not the Brad Pitt movie that came out last year, actually the Fury name comes from the Rage series. If you can remember the Fury Pro and Fury Maxx from ATi they were some of the most powerful cards of their time.


If this rumor is true then that means the R9 390X will actually be a rebrand of the R9 290X with 8GB memory, what a let-down that will be! AMD fans are on board with the name though, check out these fan images!



Source: Expreview via VideoCardz | News Archive

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