MSI’s Radeon Fury Card Pictured

The first photos of MSI’s upcoming flagship Radeon Fury card have been leaked to the web. Interestingly they show a little bit of a different design than the previous renders of the card we’ve seen before. The edges of the card are actually rounder in this render and I have to say it does make the card look better.

MSI Radeon Fury

On the back bracket of the card we can see the MSI logo. There are two Radeon logos on the card, one on the side that is illuminated by LEDs and one on the front of the card that is engraved. There is no Fury logo or anything like that. While these renders look great someone could have just made this up, we don’t know.

MSI Radeon Fury

AMD’s Radeon Fury is expected to launch June 16th. As we get closer to that date expect more leaks!

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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