AMD Radeon R9 280 Gets a $30 Price Cut

AMD has just announced a $30 price cut for their Radeon R9 280 graphics card. Compared to the Radeon R9 280X the R9 280 has a few differences like a 20% lower clock speed, turbo speed, memory speed and less shaders and computing units.

AMD Radeon R9 280

After AMD’s price cut the R9 280 sits comfortable with a MSRP of $249. This puts it right in the middle of the 270 and 280X. The 280X is priced at $299 while the 270 is $199. So having the price right in the middle makes it correspond pretty much perfectly with its specifications. This price drop also puts it in range of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 760 which is $249. Also for those wondering the R9 280 will still give you gold status in AMD’s Never Settle Bundle program giving you 3 games.

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