AMD Radeon VII Benchmarks Leaked Ahead of Launch

AMD’s upcoming Radeon VII is expected to launch on February 7th, but it seems many benchmarks of the card have leaked to the web. Lets first start with 3DMark, for reference a custom factory-overclocked RTX 2080 graphics card scores 26800 points in the Fire Strike (graphics score) and 6430 using the Ultra preset (graphics score). Here is what the Radeon VII is doing in those tests.

AMD Radeon VII Fire Strike Performance

AMD Radeon VII Fire Strike Extreme

AMD Radeon VII Fire Strike Extreme2

AMD Radeon VII Fire Strike Ultra

AMD Radeon VII Fire Strike Ultra2

The card has appeared on the Final Fantasy 15 benchmark page as well. In these benchmarks it beats the RTX 2070, but falls short of the RTX 2080. It is worth mentioning that Final Fantasy is an NVIDIA title.

AMD Radeon VII 2560x1440 Standard Quality FF15.png

AMD Radeon VII 2560x1440 High Quality FF15

While these are the first benchmarks, expect more leaks very soon as we are getting close to that February 7th launch date!

Via VideoCardz

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