Legal Battle Brewing Between Mayhems & Thermaltake

At CES earlier this month Thermaltake unveiled their new powderless P1000 pastel coolant line. This new coolant is said hold its formula correctly, which saves the end user the pain of a broken down loop. The big problem with this coolant is that it uses “Pastel” in the name, which is a registered trademark of UK-based Mayhems. Mayhems coolant is widely used among modders and liquid cooling enthusiasts. Mayhem’s trademark lasts up to 2025.

We have seen companies use the word “Pastel” in their products, but that is because they had a deal in place with Mayhems. According to Mayhems owner, Michael Lee Wood Thermaltake has not been cooperative in working out a deal with them and they have ignored his requests to remove the “Pastel” name from their products. Apparently they are are however threatening to challenge the registered trademark in court.

Here is Wood’s statement via Facebook:

So what is going to happen now? It is unclear but we hope that both companies can come to an agreement, especially considering both EK and Alphacool have made deals with Mayhems to use the word Pastel in their coolant products.

This is not the first time Thermaltake has been under the radar. If you can remember they were accused of copying case designs from CaseLabs, EK, and Fractal Design. Thermaltake did not back down when these accusations were brought to light and continued to sell those cases. On top of that CaseLabs was forced to apologize and ended up closing its doors.

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