AMD Releases List of ThreadRipper Compatible CPU Coolers

AMD has published a list of coolers that are officially compatible with the upcoming ThreadRipper CPUs. This is no surprise as the Ryzen launch was a little iffy when it came to cooler support. On top of that these new HEDT processors and brand new and have a massive die and heatsink as well as a pretty high 180W TDP. Since the socket is brand new a new retention bracket is being made available by cooler manufacturers.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper

AMD will include an Asetek retention kit for AIO cooling solutions with the retail packaging of the CPUs. This will make most Asetek-built AIOs to be compatible with the TR4 socket. These coolers you’ll find on the list below as well as some other coolers. Although if we look at the list we can see some coolers are missing, most notably from Noctua. As always check with your cooling solution manufacturer whether an adapter is available or not, and whether our current cooling solution is sufficient for cooling these new processors. You can check out the list of compatible cooler here or check out the list below.

amd coolers list

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