AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.2

AMD has just released its Radeon Software Crimson 16.5.2 beta drivers. This is the second Radeon Crimson Edition release for this month. These new drivers add support for Oculus Rift SDK v1.3 and HTC Vive VR HMDs. It also updates the CrossFire profile for “Hitman” (2016). The driver addresses a critical issue with the Radeon R9 Fury in which some users experienced display corruption when their machines idle on the desktop for extended periods of time.

Other game specific issues related to “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”, in which the game was not supporting non-native display aspect ratios, “FF-XIV” screen-blackout, and “XCOM 2” micro-stutter issues have all been addressed.

Download the latest Radeon Software Crimson Edition here.

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