AMD Renoir-X APUs Will Not Come With Integrated Graphics

A Chiphell leakster has shared details about upcoming AMD and Intel CPU products.

AMD is said to bring back new CPUs based on the Zen2 design among many other items that will be released next year. According to Enthusiastic Citizen, AMD will debut a new series based on current technology.

AMD Renoir X Rumors

According to a comment posted on the Chiphell forums, AMD is planning to release Zen2-based Renoir-X CPU series for the AM4 socket, which will be essentially identical to the Ryzen 4000G series with the exception of disabling integrated graphics (Vega). The leakster does not specify if this indicates a lack of GPU or a decrease in cores.

The Renoir-X series might be the previously leaked Ryzen 5 4500 and Ryzen 3 4100 components, which were discovered on the USB-IF website in July.

It should be mentioned that Intel did not reveal the 11th Generation Core i3 range for desktops, but the Alder Lake-S-based Core i3 range is likely to be released early next year. In this case, the leakster is most likely referring to the number of cores, as the Ryzen 3 4000G series, like the suspected Alder Lake components, is a quad-core CPU. He also mentions that Ryzen 7 (8-core) components will not be included in the Renoir-X range.

AMD Ryzen 5000 'Cezanne' Mobility

With the release of Renoir-X, AMD will add another product to its 5-year-old AM4 platform, which will be replaced by AM5 in Q3 of next year. The AM4 may not be extinct just yet.