AMD Responds To Asetek’s Demands To Stop Selling the Fury X

If you missed it yesterday Asetek sent out cease-and-desist notices to both AMD and Gigabyte targeting their R9 Fury X and GTX 980 Waterforce. Asetek, the OEM who we know for Corsair and NZXT’s AiO liquid cooling systems alleges that both products infringe on its patents as they include a Cooler Master build liquid cooling system.

AMD R9 Fury X

Cooler Master is already currently locked in a patent infringement lawsuit with Asetek over Asetek’s pump-block and movable fittings designs. Cooler Master was ordered to pay 14.5% royalties for the sale of all infringing products which included Cooler Master’s Seidon, Nepton, and Glacer lines. Cooler Master was then ordered to halt all sales of its infringing products and to pay double the royalty rate for its non-compliance in the matter.

AMD has publicly responded to Asetek’s claims on the R9 Fury X by saying:

“We are aware that Asetek has sued Cooler Master. While we defer to Cooler Master regarding the details of the litigation, we understand that the jury in that case did not find that the Cooler Master heat sink currently used with the Radeon Fury X infringed any of Asetek’s patents.”

AMD does make a point as the original judgement does not specifically name the R9 Fury X as an infringing product. We will see if that remains true or not, but it seems AMD will continue shipping R9 Fury X’s.

As always we will keep you up to date on this story as it develops.

Source: GamersNexus | News Archive

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