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AMD R9 Fury X
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AMD Responds To Asetek’s Demands To Stop Selling the Fury X

If you missed it yesterday Asetek sent out cease-and-desist notices to both AMD and Gigabyte targeting their R9 Fury X and GTX 980 Waterforce. Asetek, the OEM who we know for Corsair and NZXT's AiO liquid cooling systems alleges that both products infringe on its patents as they include a Cooler Master build liquid cooling system.

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New Tool Allows You To Flash A R9 Fury To A R9 Fury X

In the past we have seen cases where you have been able to flash AMD graphics cards to their higher versions in their class. The last time we saw this was with the R9 290 being able to be flashed to the R9 290X. The way this works is the when AMD makes the cards in the series they disable certain compute units (CUs). If you are lucky these CUs have been disabled using a soft-mod. If that is the case you can use the newly developed CUINFO software developed by OCN forum member tx12. It has shown some success unlocking disabled CUs in AMD graphics cards based on Figi, Hawaii and Tonga chips.

XSPC Radeon Fury X Water Block
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XSPC Also Shows Off Their R9 Fury X Water Block

Earlier today we showed you EKWB's upcoming Radeon R9 Fury X water block and now we have a good look at XSPC's! XSPC's Radeon R9 Fury X Water Block is in the works and for those wondering it is a full cover water block! Unlike EKWB's version this one will require two slots.

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