AMD Ryzen 4000 Desktop Processors moved to 5nm+ Process

We have all been expecting AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series processors to be announced later this year and that they would be built on an optimized 7nm+ fabrication process. It appears that things are moving faster than expected and AMD could be using the 5nm+ process for these processors.

According to a DigiTimes reports, AMD has decided to move its upcoming desktop processors in the Ryzen 4000 series to an improved 5nm process instead of 7nm process. These chips would appear in late 2020 or early 2021. We’ve already heard reports that since April TSMC has started 5nm mass production, with an enhanced 5nm+ node planned to enter production in Q4.


AMD has already stated multiple times that they want to launch in 2020 with Ryzen 4000 series parts, although moving to 5nm could push that back. I could see an announcement in late 2020 with availability or a real showing of the products at CES 2021. Then again if things are going faster than what we think the new dates for Computex are September 28th-30th. AMD could announce there, with availability just in time for the holiday season.

These reports obviously go against AMD’s official roadmaps, which show that Zen3 cores would launch on a 7nm node.

AMD 2017 2021 ZEN Roadmap

Via DigiTimes

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