Intel CEO wants everybody to not look at benchmarks

Intel CEO Bob Swan made a speech during Computex 2020 virtual tour via Youtube. What did raise people’s attention when he said that the industry needs to focus away from performance benchmarks.

Regarding the benchmarks, he said:

We should see this moment as an opportunity to shift our focus as an industry from benchmarks to the benefits and impacts of the technology we create,” he says. “The pandemic has underscored the need for technology to be purpose-built so it can meet these evolving business and consumer needs.

And this requires a customer-obsessed mindset to stay close, anticipate those needs, and develop solutions. In this mindset, the goal is to ensure we are optimising for a stronger impact that will support and accelerate positive business and societal benefits around the globe.

The first obvious knee-jerking reaction anyone would get? It sounds that Intel is quitting. Perhaps he wants to move away from ‘World’s fastest processor’ bragging right and look at features. Not too long ago, Intel CPUs emphasized on single-threaded performance. But Intel CPUs and motherboards demands a premium for the performance it offers. Compared to the value its rival AMD counterparts provides, it might make sense to repackage their marketing.

Intel Vs AMD so far…

Of course, Intel 10th generation did look like a good competitor to stand head-to-head with Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. But now AMD will be releasing the Matisse Refresh CPUs. The B550 chipset and the upcoming A520 chipset are coming by September. We’ll also be seeing the Ryzen 4000 series APUs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Intel is feeling overwhelmed by AMD’s progress.

Should the Intel CEO wood that way? Maybe it would have been best avoided. But it is not sure what Intel has in mind for the future.

Upcoming Intel mobile CPUs

Along with this startling comment, Bob Swan gave confirmation about Tiger Lake laptop CPUs. He said that these are on track and will be revealed during this summer. Mr Swan made an announcement He firmly believes this will cement their position as the undisputed leader in mobile computing.

AMD does appear to lag behind with notebook processors and discrete GPUs. AMD is working on the new generation of GPU, but so is Nvidia. I am looking forward to seeing how Intel performs in the notebook category and the NUC segment.


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