AMD shipped over half a billion graphics chips in seven years

According to a ‘John Peddie’ research, AMD was able to ship over a half a billion graphics chips within seven years. This number includes graphics cards used in discrete graphics cards, Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and in consoles.  The shipment numbers alone are impressive. If you include all these segments of the sales, its hardly surprising given that both Sony and Microsoft source their GPUs from AMD. But the sales from consoles is not a major contributor.

Shipment Categorization

Radeon shipment numbers JPR 2020

Out of all the sales numbers, 36 per cent of its graphics chips shipments consist of AMD discrete graphics cards. The APUs consist of 35% and the console account for 29% of shipments. Out of the APU sales, notebook APU shipped more than desktop variants 2:1. The highest shipments were in the year 2019, with GPU 553 units. Considering AMD graphics is used in many products, its commitment towards on-chip graphics helped the company gain momentum, and be less reliant on just one source.

Overall market share

GPU Market Share 2013 2019 JPR

But AMD wasn’t the GPU maker shipping most of the units, nor is Nvidia. Intel was able to ship up to 62% of shipments, with AMD consisting of 22% and Nvidia consisting of 16%. Even with the PlayStation and Xbox variants, Intel made most of its shipments via iGPU on its Core series of processors for both notebooks and desktops.

Promising future for AMD Radeon

AMD is planning to release tbe Big Navi, the Ryzen 4000 Series APUs and having its chips on the PlayStation 5 and the XBox Series X. Things are looking good for APU, with TSMC able to keep up with the company’s expectations. It will be interesting to see if AMD can grab a much larger share in the coming years from Intel. Time will tell how things work out in the end.

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