No Intel “Rocket-Lake-S” Processors This Year?

A new leaked slide from a Intel Partner Connect presentation appears to show that the company’s client-segment processor lineup will remain unchanged for the rest of 2020. Intel just launched their 10th generation “Comet Lake-S” desktop processor lineup and we saw “Comet Lake-H” a month earlier. At the top of the client-segment is the Core X “Cascade Lake-X” processor lineup and it also appears we won’t see new models there either.

intel desktop roadmap

If this roadmap is accurate it looks like we won’t see a refresh of the company’s mainstream desktop lineup with 11th generation “Rocket Lake-S” parts, which are expected to have “Willow Cove” CPU cores, Gen12 Xe integrated graphics, as well as PCIe Gen 4.0 connectivity. We also then won’t see the fabled “Ice Lake-X” HEDT processors either.

Keep in mind this slide comes from the Intel Partner Connect platform, which is used for Intel to interact with its channel partners and future information on these slides is very restricted.

Via VideoCardz

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