Corsair recalls its SF Platinum series SFX power supplies

Corsair is recalling all of its SF Platinum series SFX hardware power supplies as it reportedly having failure problems when operating at high temperature and humidity. The memory, power supply and peripherals maker said that the affected units have a lot number between 194448xx to 201148xx. These are manufactured between October 2019 and March 2020.

Major batch issue

According to the reports, these SF Platinum series SFX PSUs made between these lot code between this time frame are failing prematurely. Corsair said these power supplies are sold worldwide. Whether you’ve experienced the problem or not, it’s best if you RMA these units if your SF Platinum SFX power supply qualifies for one. Usually, companies have a large window to make a recall and replacement. But due to COVID-19, replacement period might be longer than expected. Sooner you give, sooner you get a new replacement.

Reason for failure?

The company did not reveal the reasoning behind this failure of its SF Platinum series. Corsair wasn’t clear if this issue would affect other component’s longevity. It just shuts off the PC for no reason.

SFX power supplies compliment mini ITX and mini gaming PCs. These power supplies provide adequate power in a smaller form factor. As a result, PC makers can maker slimmer, sleeker PC cases. With high-quality power supplies, these can power up mini gaming desktop PCs very easily. Corsair is one of the PSU brands that have some SFX variants. Seasonic, FSP and Silverstone as some of the SFX power supply brands available out there. The Corsair SF Platinum series is 80Plus Platinum certified. Therefore these are rated to give the best efficiency and clean power supply for a mini TX system.

No other power supplies are affected.

Corsair’s history of SFX PSU recalls

Those with a potential lemon should contact Corsair via the voluntary replacement program. The company will replace the unit with a brand new make and will take care of the shipping cost. No other power supply variants are affected by this. According to a user, a batch of SF Gold series SFX power supplies was recalled as it used 85° c rated capacitors instead of 105° c rated caps. Usually, such problems can be traced down to production batches and manufacturing date/ time period.

While recalls aren’t really new, it mostly depends on how effective recalls are. Sure it did take long to find out the issue, but letter late than never.

via: Toms Hardware


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