AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor Review

The Zen Architecture & AM4 Platform
If you have been following Ryzen over the past year your probably know everything we are going to tell you on this page, but we wanted to go over a few things which AMD has implemented to give Ryzen its incredible IPC increase and overall better performance. One of the first things is a brand-prediction system called Neural Net Protection. AMD calls this a “true artificial networking inside every Zen processor. Basically it predicts appropriate instructions as well as core resources.


Neural Net Prediction works hand in hand with Smart Prefetch. It anticipates the location of future data accesses by application code and preteches vital data into local cache so it is ready for immediate use.


The result of these two technologies is instruction-level parallelism designed for dramatic gains in single-threaded performance.


AMD will be offering five different chipsets for Ryzen. However you’ll only really see three for desktop users, these include X370, B350, and A320. X370 is the enthusiast chipset, B350 is more performance, and A320 is mainstream.


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