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EpicGear Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse Review

When it comes to PC gaming there are many different types of games, which leads to different types of gaming peripherals. We’ve seen so many different gaming mice over the years, some of which were made specifically for FPS, others for MMO’s, etc. But what if you could buy a single mouse that suits all of your needs? Well EpicGear thinks they have it in their Morpha X Gaming Mouse. The Morpha X is a fully modular mouse which allows you to change out the switches, sensors, weights, and even the outer shell of the mouse. Let’s take a look and see what it is all about…

Special thanks to EpicGear for providing us with the Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse to review.


The Morpha X comes in one really nice retail box, it is actually a metal tin. On the front it has a picture of the mouse and lets us know that it comes with EG Organe and EG Purple switches.

EpicGear Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse

Flipping over to the back there is more information on the mouse and it goes into detail on both the swappable switches as well as the sensor cartridges.

EpicGear Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse

Opening the metal tin up inside you’ll find the Morpha X mouse, a set of white outer pieces, an extra sensor cartridge, an extra set of switches, a switch puller, and a quick start guide.

EpicGear Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse

So with the Morpha X you get two sets of switches as well as two sensor cartridges. For the sensors you get a 12000 dpi IR LED sensor cartridge and then a 8200 dpi laser sensor cartridge. For the switches you get a set of EG Oranges (medium), and a set of EG Purples (Pro). These are OMRON switches, the Oranges have a 20-million click lifespan, while the Purples have a 50-million click lifespan.

EpicGear Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse

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