AMD Ryzen 9 7845X Zen4 “Dragon Range” 12-core Mobile CPU Leaked

Benchmark score for a purported Ryzen 9 7845HX CPU has been located on the Ashes of the Singularity’ leak’ website. This SKU has minimal data, but the software ‘confirms’ it is a 12-core & 24-thread SKU. The Ryzen 9 7900X desktop CPU uses the same setup and displays it in the same manner (24 physical and logical cores).

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This implies that the 7845HX CPU is likely a recycled desktop silicon, comparable to the Intel HX series, which will shortly be updated to the 13th Gen Core series. In addition, this is the first Ryzen-HX SKU with more than 8 cores.

AMD announced its plans to alter the Ryzen 7000 mobile naming system this summer. The new information also included confirmation from AMD of a “Dragon Range” Zen4 CPU, the Ryzen 9 7945HX. To compete with the 24-core (8P+16E) Intel Core i9-13900HX, a 16-core SKU may be released for laptops.

If AMD uses the same desktop I/O chip for its mobile SKUs, the integrated graphics may be restricted to two Compute Units. However, because this is a chipset architecture, AMD can replace the IOD with a more capable graphics chip. In addition, AMD might reduce the number of PCIe lanes and other characteristics less vital to the mobile market than to the desktop market.

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The AMD Ryzen 7000HX series will be launched next year, probably at CES 2023. The HX series, intended for intense gaming and content creation, is at the top of AMD’s mobile product line.

Via Ashes Of The Singularity