AMD Says Its Ryzen CPUs For AM5 Socket Will Ship With TDP Up To 170W

AMD has once again clarified what was revealed at Computex about their upcoming Ryzen 7000 series processors. The initial 170W figure was said to be the PTT (package power tracing), which is maximum power for the socket. However, now the company has gone all out on the fact that the 170W is the TDP while 230W is the current PTT number.

AMD RYZEN 7000 170W

AMD’s Robert Hallock has confirmed that the value of 170W shown earlier during the company’s keynote is actually the TDP (not PPT) and 230W is the PTT, which stands for package power tracing. This represents the maximum power for a socket. Understandably, this value is higher than the value of 142W of AM4 CPU so by default we expect a boost in the performance as well no matter what the company descriptions are. In the most recent statement which was given to Tom’s Hardware, it has been made clear that the power can go way beyond in reality. Robert Hallock has also confirmed that the Ryzen 7000 series will also feature the same SKU to make use of the top spec of power that the AM5 socket boasts.


That being said, the latest 230W socket will be able to come to par in terms of power to the LGA1200-based Core i9-12900K by Intel. It has a PL2/Maximum Turbo Power of 241W. Let us recall how this TDP of 170W was already mentioned by MSI despite AMD not confirming this number. Surprisingly enough, the slides presented by AMD only mentioned ‘native support for up to 170W.” The value of 230W for PPT confirms that an increasing power will be available for the AMD Ryzen CPUs on the AM5 socket.

Via VideoCardz