AMD Says ‘Something BIG Is Coming’ on June 8th

Previously we came across some leaks regarding W6800 and W6600, and now AMD has released an official teaser.

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Yes! The New Radeon Pro is arriving soon as AMD has started sending emails about its upcoming announcement. AMD has only revealed that something big is coming on 8 June, but it will most probably unveil its Radeon Pro. It carries the same design as the leaked Navi 21 Pro.

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The teaser has confirmed that it is a blue card with six Mini DisplayPort connectors which is a standard feature in both the Radeon Pro cards. Previously, we have seen leaks on W6800, and the W6900X was also mentioned.

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It looks like AMD has shared which graphic card will be announced as the email URL says: utm_campaign=2021-06-03-consumer-Radeon-pro-w6800-w6600-pre-announce”
This confirms that AMD will announce Radeon Pro W6800 and Radeon Pro W6600 graphics cards.