AMD Scaling Down CrossFire Efforts With RX Vega

It seems as if AMD is scaling down efforts on its end to support and promote multi-GPU technologies such as CrossFire. And this is not in favor of open-standards either such as DirectX 12 multi-GPU either. While speaking with GamersNexus, an AMD representative confirmed that while the new Radeon RX Vega family of graphics cards does indeed support CrossFire, AMD may not allocate as many resources as it used to with older GPU launches, in promoting or supporting it.


While some people may seem this as surprising, it is in line with the industry moving away from multi-GPU configurations, much like NVIDIA’s decision to dial-down investment in SLI. This also leads us to believe that AMD will not be building a Radeon RX Series graphics card based off two “Vega 10” ASICs. If anything we will see a dual-GPU solution from AMD in their processional series’ like Radeon Pro or Radeon Instinct brands.

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