Monday, July 16, 2018

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Windows Store Games Come Without VSync, SLI/Crossfire, Full Screen, or Modding Support

Digital game downloads is a big business and anyone can see from the growth of Steam over the past few years. EA jumped on the bandwagon with Origin, and now we have uPlay, Epic Games Launcher and much more. Now Microsoft wants to get in on the action by making the Microsoft Store (which is in Windows 10). The Microsoft Store will serve both sales and DRM roles. More competition in the marketplace is good right? Well as one reddit user found out games purchased through the Microsoft Store are missing many things we expect in AAA releases.

Batman Arkham Knight
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SLI and CrossFire Support “Not Practical” Says Batman Arkham Knight Developer

Things are not getting better for the developers of Batman Arkham Knight for PC. Those looking for a patch that will allow the game to take advantage of multi-GPU technologies like SLI and CrossFire has yet to be seen. Responding to concern for this on the Steam Community forums a developer has stated that implementing multi-GPU support for the game was too high of a risk for creating new problems for gamers that it is "Not Practical".

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12K Resolution Achieved with Three 4k Monitors and Triple HD 7970s in Crossfire

Most of us would love just one 4K monitor for our gaming setup, but the guys over at the Windows Lab have opted for three! The math is easy three 4K monitors gives you a 12K display! They not only setup these awesome displays, but also tested out DiRT 3 at a constant 60 Hz (30 Hz is the 4K standard). These guys has to build a custom driver to make this all possible, but it is very impressive!

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