12K Resolution Achieved with Three 4k Monitors and Triple HD 7970s in Crossfire

Most of us would love just one 4K monitor for our gaming setup, but the guys over at the Windows Lab have opted for three! The math is easy three 4K monitors gives you a 12K display! They not only setup these awesome displays, but also tested out DiRT 3 at a constant 60 Hz (30 Hz is the 4K standard). These guys has to build a custom driver to make this all possible, but it is very impressive!


The 12K Gaming Setup

The guys over at the Windows Lab made up their 12K display of the following hardware:

– 3x Sharp PN-K321 4K Ultra HD Displays
– 3x AMD HD 7970s in Crossfire Mode (Primary: ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II)
– 750 Power Supply
– Custom Driver Build
– Windows 8 OS

It looks like they are using an ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II for the main card with two OEM or reference HD 7970’s as the secondary cards. Because of the size of the cards they have to remove the power supply from the case.


After the build was completed a real problem appeared, the CrossFire and Eyefinity drivers were not designed to handle such conditions and refused to cooperate. Because of this the Windows team has to implement their own custom drivers to get the 12K resolution.


Once everything was setup they went ahead and tested out DiRT 3. Here are the settings as well as some results:

Resolution: 12k (11520 x 2160)
Game Settings: High (Except Shadow Details and Particles)
Direct X Version: 11
Average FPS: 65
Peak FPS: 70
GPU Cores Used: 6,144 Total Cores
Pixels Rendered Per Second: 11,520 x 2,160 x 60 Hz = 1,492,992,000

From the looks of things they were able to get the game to run perfectly at 60 Hz for a few minutes each time before the system would reset due to the power supply would be overloaded. C’mon guys three HD 7970’s and you only had a 750W power supply! In any case this was still extremely impressive and just awesome!

Source: Windows Blog | News Archive

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