AMD Shows 100% Multi-GPU Scaling On Sniper Elite 4

At their Capsaicin & Cream event AMD’s Raja Koduri brought up his claim about RX 480 dual setups beating their competition’s high-end solutions. He brought up Rebellion’s Chris Kingsley on to the stage and he explained that his team was able to get Sniper Elite 4 to run with 100% scaling on a dual RX 480 setup.


AMD then showed a side-by-side comparison of a system running a single RX 480 vs a system running dual RX 480’s. The dual system was running at virtually double the frame rate, perfect 100% scaling! Something that we haven’t seen from multi-GPU setups before!

Chris Kingsley said that DX 12 and Vulkan was extremely important in making something like this even possible. Reminding everyone that software and coding investment is necessary.

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