The First AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Review Has Been Leaked

Well we knew this was going to happen. The first review of the AMD Ryzen 7 1700X processor has been leaked! It looks like the review was done on an engineering sample, which does not have the Ryzen logo on it. The motherboard that it was used on was the MSI B350 Tomahawk and the memory was detected running at 2133 MHz.


We are going to provide you with all of graphs and screenshots below of the tests, but first lets take a look at the test system.


CPU-Z Screenshots


Power consumption

8-Total-System-Power-Consumption-VGA 9-Total-System-Power-Cosumption-Analys 10-Thermal-Test-Idle- 11-Thermal-Test-Load 12-Load600

Synthetic benchmarks

13-CPU-Z-Benchmark-1.78.1 14-AIDA-64-CPU-QUEEN 15-AIDA-64-CPU-HASH 16-AIDA-64-FPU-VP8 17-SISoftware-Sandra-2016-Processor-Arithmetic 18SISoftware-Sandra-2016-Processor-Multimedia 19-SISoftware-Sandra-2016-Processor-Scientific-Analysis 20-AIDA64-Memory-Bandwidth 22-3DMARK-2011 23-3DMARK-2013-Fire-Strike-P 24-PCMARK-7 25-PCMARK-8 26-PCMARK-8 27-Cinebench-R15 28-POV-RAY-3.7 29-Media-Espresso-Video-Convertor 30-Dolphin-Benchmark 31-7-Zip-15.14 32-WinRAR-5.3 33-Super-PI-1M 34-wPRIME-32M 35-CrystalDiskMark-5.0.2- 8-Total-System-Power-Consumption-VGA

Gaming benchmarks

36-Bioshock-Infinite- 37-Batman-Arkham-Origins- 38-GTA-V 39-Sniper-Elite-III- 40-Monster-Hunter-Benchmark


41-Stability-Test-1000x870 42-Cinebench-R15oc 43-wPRIME-32Moc 44-Bioshock-Infinite-oc 45-Total-System-Power-Consumption-Only-CPU-Stressed

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