AMD Starts Testing Early EPYC Genoa CPUs

The EPYC Genoa 7004 CPU samples, which are featuring the brand new 5nm Zen 4 core architecture, have already entered the testing phase. This is quite early in the product timeline as AMD decides to start taking the CPU for a run. Named as the engineering sample, the Genoa 7004 CPU is being tested on a Quartz reference motherboard platform and has been given the OPN code 100-000000479-13. This means that the codes shared by ExecutableFix back in January this year were correct.

We already know that AMD’s EPYC Genoa chip will feature a 5nm process node and a total of 32 cores and 64 threads. With clock speeds of 1.20 GHz, the CPU’s all core boost stands at a whopping 3.43 GHz. It is important to note here that these speeds are only preliminary and it is still unknown whether the same speeds were maintained throughout the testing phase or not.

AMD EPYC Genoa 32 Zen 4 Core CPU Geekbench Benchmark Leak 1

With an L3 cache of 32 MB per CCD, the 32 core chip has four Zen 4 CCDs which will give 128 MB of L3 cache. As opposed to this, the L2 cache has shown a significant bump with a 2x increase over the current Zen 3 design. The CPU has a 1 MB of L2 cache per core which means a total of 32 MB of L2 cache on the chip. A major increase over the 32 core variant from the zen 3 lineup has an L2 cache of only 16 MB.

AMD EPYC Genoa Zen 4 Server CPU

The single-core score is here and at 1126 points we think it’s not a bad bet at all considering the low 1.2 GHz base and 3.4 GHz boost frequency. We can compare this with AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X which scored 1255 points with 4.5 GHz on a single-core.

Via WCCFTech