AMD to Design and Build Chips for Chrome OS and Android

Well guys be prepared to use mobile phones and laptops running Android and Chrome OS using AMD chips under the cover. Sources tell us that the chip makers are designing processors for Android and Chrome OS. AMD will still be dedicated to windows machine, but they do plan to spread out to mobile industry in the near future.


AMD is expanding its operating systems options by designing chips compatible with x86 and ARM architecture and both are competent of supporting different types of OS.

It seems that AMD only wants to put spot light on special projects, made specifically for each partner when manufacturing these sort of chips rather than producing them in bulk and make it available to be used by any random manufacturer. AMD has its chips within Sony and Microsoft’s gaming console as well, but the company has mainly focused on Windows.

Still it’s not known when Android and Chrome OS with AMD chips would be made available to the public but we know for sure that these days company is working with developers on making new Android applications for AMD chips. We have seen that AMD also happens to support BlueStacks (that allows users to run Android apps on Windows PCs).

Since we know for a fact that Windows 8 tablets sales have been pretty slow recently while Android tablets have quite been in demand, so we presume if AMD gets into the Android industry it will surely give their market a boost.

As soon as we get more updates on these AMD chips, we shall inform you right here. So do make a visit soon.

Source: PC World | News Archive