Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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ASUS Chromebit
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Google Reveals Chromebit HDMI Stick Computer

It looks like Google will be offering a HDMI stick device that can act as a computer. Revealed in the latest Chrome blog post the Chromebit will be made by ASUS and run Google's Chrome OS turning any device with a HDMI-in port to a computer.

HP Chromebox
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HP is Also Working on a Chromebox

It looks like ASUS's recently announced Chromebox will be getting a little competition as HP will be preparing their own Chromebox. This compact desktop machine will run Google's Chrome OS and will be available in 4 different colors.

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AMD to Design and Build Chips for Chrome OS and Android

Well guys be prepared to use mobile phones and laptops running Android and Chrome OS using AMD chips under the cover. Sources tell us that the chip makers are designing processors for Android and Chrome OS. AMD will still be dedicated to windows machine, but they do plan to spread out to mobile industry in the near future.

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